Terms of Service

Service availability

Mafiaparadise is an online game created by Iteral Group.

Iteral Group tries to ensure the highest possible availability of the service, while not taking responsibility of whaveter losses players might have due to service unavailability.

Paying for the service

Playing MafiaParadise is free for all users.

To get extra benefits, you can use the international payment medium PayPal.

When you encounter problems with SMS service, contact us through contact form. In your message provide us with:

  • The problem you have
  • Time of sending the SMS
  • Phone number you sent the SMS from
  • Short code you sent the SMS to
  • Content of the SMS you sent
  • Content of the response message or state clearly if you didn't get a response

When using payment services then the service provider you are using (PayPal) is responsible for the security of your personal details along with the correct operation of payment.